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Information and Links


U Sirenu (Orasi/Sartène) **** (c) Tripadvisor
Cafe La Marine (Porto Vecchio) *** (c) Tripadvisor
Pizzeria Top Grill (Coppolata) **** (c) Tripadvisor
Restaurant Le Cintra (Ghisonaccia) **** (c) Tripadvisor
Bar de la Plage (Corte) *** (c) Tripadvisor
Le Grand Large (L'Ile Rousse)
U Fucone Restaurant (L'Ile Rousse)
* (c) Tripadvisor
Restaurant L'Alivu (Galeria)
*** (c) Tripadvisor
Hôtel - Restaurant Le Saint Jean (Cargèse)
**** (c) Tripadvisor
I Sanguinari (Sanguinaires)
**** (c) Tripadvisor
U Campanile Restaurant-Hotel (Vivario)
**** (c) Tripadvisor
U Monte Padru (Ghisonaccia) pending new entry
Restaurant Le Cintra (Ghisonaccia) **** (c) Tripadvisor
Belle Terre (Lecci) **** (c) Tripadvisor
Restaurant- U Funtanonu (l'Ospédale) ***** (c) Tripadvisor

Places to stay

Hotel Da Mama (Porto Vecchio) tf (c) Tripadvisor
Belle Terre (Lecci) s (c) Tripadvisor
Hotel Les Orangers (Aléria) s (c) Tripadvisor
Le Stuart Hotel (Ponte Leccia) pending?
Hôtel Splendid (L'Île-Rousse) tw (c) Tripadvisor
U Filipaghju (Galéria) t (c) Tripadvisor
Hotel des Deux Sorru (Guagno les Bains) f (c) Tripadvisor
Hotel U Castellu s (c) Tripadvisor
La Riviere (Folelli) pending?
Belle Terre (Lecci) mtw (c) Tripadvisor

Our favourite web pages
TK5MH Flikr pictures

Geant Casino (Porto Vecchio),  E. Leclerc (Porto Vecchio), SuperMarché Casino (Morta), Super U (Ponte Leccia), Carrefour (Propriano)
Spar (Galeria),

News, etc.
Corse Matin - Daily newspaper,

Bring a good folding, wind resistant, umbrella for the sun and showers. Meteo France.

Tips for transportation
Car rental.......

Local Shipping, live 

SNCM ** Details Location Typical route
Danielle Casanova X X Marseille-Bastia
Napoleon Bonaparte X X Marseille-
Mediterranee X X Toulon-Bastia
Le Corse X X Nice-L'Ile Rousse
Excelsior X X Marseille-Ajaccio
Pascal Paoli X X Marseille-Bastia
Jean Nicoli X X Marseille-Ajaccio
Paglia Orba X X Marseille-Porto Vecchio
Monte d'Oro X X Marseille-L'Ile Rousse (Nice also)
Corsica-Ferries  .fr Details Location Typical route
Mega Express I X X Toulon-Ajaccio-Calvi-Nice
Mega Express II X X Savona-Bastia
Mega Express III X X Sardinia only?
Mega Express IV X X Toulon-L'Ile Rousse-Ajaccio
Mega Express V X X Nice-Bastia-Toulon-Ajaccio
Mega Smeralda X X Toulon-Bastia
Corsica Marina II X X Livorno-Bastia
Corsica Express II X X Vado Ligure-
Corsica Express III X X Vado Ligure-
Corsica Victoria X X Livorno-Bastia
CMN - La Meridionale ** Details Location Typical route
Piana X X Marseille-Bastia
Girolata X X Marseille-Ajaccio
Kalliste X X Marseille-Propriano

** Fairly VERY prone to strikes, right now (2013). Future of company is hanging in the balance, given 'illegal' grant of €220m and fine of €220m from the EU. In addition, there is an open-ended strike action from 2014-01-01. A shame, because it may affect largely the cost of living in Corsica because of the number of lorries/trucks which bring goods to the island on the ferries.

Scheduled flights (not charter or package holidays) under construction!

Air France (AFR) Orly CDG Manchester Gatwick Heathrow Lyon
Ajaccio (AJA) [LFKJ] Orly - - - - -
Bastia (BIA) [LFKB] Orly - - - - -
Calvi (CLY) [LFKC] Orly - - - - -
Figari (FSC) [LFKF] Orly - - - - -
Nice (NCE) [LFMN] - - - - - -
Air Corsica (XK)  [CCM]        
Ajaccio (AJA) [LFKJ] Orly - - - - -
Bastia (BIA) [LFKB] Orly - - - - -
Calvi (CLY) [LFKC] Orly - - - - -
Figari (FSC) [LFKF] Orly (1 daily) - - - - -
Nice (NCE) [LFMN] - - - - - -
EasyJet (EZY)        
Ajaccio (AJA) [LFKJ]
CDG - Gatwick - Lyon
Bastia (BIA) [LFKB]
CDG Manchester Gatwick - Lyon
Calvi (CLY) [LFKC] - - - - - -
Figari (FSC) [LFKF] -
CDG - - - -
Nice (NCE) [LFMN] - - - - - -
British Airways (BA/BAW)            
Nice (NCE) [LFMN] - - - Gatwick Heathrow -
- - - - - - -

V. Basse: October -  March
Basse: April - May
Moy. Saison: June - July 10 and September
Haute Saison: 10 July - 31 August

There is virtually no electrical noise. LF bands are super. However, bring noise-cancelling headphones as most places are hard walled and tiled, so noise is carried easily and in echoes.

Learning French
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